Photo Gallery of Birth

When I first started attending births in 1994, I realized many women had too few positive images and heard too many negative stories about pregnancy and birth. Feeling empowered by their births, many of my clients gave me copies of their birth photos and emphatically told me to share their stories and inform others about how birth can be. I believe pregnancy and birth are sacred and should be honored. I hope these pictures help you make informed decisions leading to the birth you dream of.

Notice: This site contains many photographs of pregnant, birthing and breastfeeding women. The photographs and the stories are meant to educate and inform the reader. Consent has been given for their use and any misuse is prohibited.

Birth of Jacqulyn Birth of Quillian Birth of Fiona Birth of Owen Birth of Jackson Birth of Alden Birth of Tatiana Birth of Kai Birth of Annabelle Birth of Isabella Birth of Wyatt Birth of Claire Birth of Christopher Birth of Emily Image Map