Birth of Owen

Oct 9, 2012 by     Comments Off    Posted under: Birth Photo Gallery
There are very few pictures before this one as Leah had a quick labor. Her first contractions came at 9:00am, she called me (Kim, her doula) at 10:00, as I thought it was early and she hadn't been having contractions very long, I encouraged her to go for a walk. She called her midwife, Suellen at 10:30 who encouraged her to check back again in an hour. At 11:30 she called the midwife again. Leah was having regular contractions, close together and lasting a minute. The midwife encouraged her to call me. I arrived at 12:00. At 12:15 I suggested Leah get into the tub as she would find relief in the warm water and if in early labor, the contractions would likely space out a bit. Well, they didn't space out. After 30 minutes in the tub, her water broke at 1:00 and she felt pushy!

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